Bunker Surveys


Bunker Detective Surveys

Misrepresentation of Remaining On Board (ROB) fuel quantities is costly to all. Sabine conducts specialized Bunker Detective Surveys to identify irregularities in ROB quantities. This will allow the Charterer to correctly settle their obligations under the terms of the Charter Party, and the vessel to adjust its fuel record logs. Areas we inspect include:

          ● Hidden Tanks          ● Fuel Frothing          ● Fuel Log Integrity          ● Magic Pipes          ● Tank Transfers while Bunking          ● Tampered Measuring Devices


Bunker Quantification Surveys

Taking on bunker fuel is a costly and time consuming operation. Sabine will attend the process, verify barge quantities, verify grade, take samples, prepare documents, and identify any issues with the overall process. This will ensure our clients receive what they order and pay for. Areas of concern during bunking are:

          ● Supplier Integrity          ● Drip Samples          ● Bunker Delivery Notes          ● Connections          ● Lab Analysis          ● Certificate Preparation


On and Off Hire Bunker Surveys

To ensure an effective transaction between the owner and charterer, determining the amount of fuel on board is critical at time of on-hire, off-hire, as well as re-delivery. Our staff can provide this service on a stand-alone basis, in conjunction with vessel condition services, or with Bunker Detective surveys. Services include but are not limited to:

          ● ROB Quantification          ● Log Book Review          ● Sampling          ● IMO 2020 Issues