Surveys and Services

Appraisals & Condition and Valuation Surveys

Our staff of USPAP compliant appraisers are available to determine the value at any stage in the vessel's life cycle.

Audits & Compliance Services

Our staff of experienced Marine Industry Auditors are available to support your compliance, control, and good practice efforts.

Bunker Surveys

Taking on fuel is a costly and time-consuming operation. We provide services to ensure our client receives the correct product, quantities are accurate, and minimize cases of fraud and misrepresentation.

Cargo Surveys

Regardless of product category, Sabine will take steps to protect your cargo. From loading through hatch sealing, our team will be there to document your investment.

CFR 46 Subchapter M Surveys

Sabine is a Coast Guard and American Waterways Operators (AWO) approved Third Party Organization (TPO). Our services include TSMS Review and Audits, RCP Audits, Vessel Audits, Vessel Surveys, Dry Dock Surveys, Incident Attendance, New Construction Oversight, and Consulting.

Hull & Machinery Surveys

Your vessel is a complex group of expensive components. In order to protect that investment, and to provide support when problems arise, Sabine’s staff of marine professionals offers preventative through remedial services.

Maritime Consultants

Draw upon our 52+ years of experience for sound support, advice, and answers.

P&I Surveys

Our surveyors have the expertise to investigate the full range of incidents, from cargo loss or damage, damage to fixed and floating objects, crew injury, pollution, or casualties. Whenever the liability of a ship's owner, operator, or charterer is exposed, we can help mitigate the incident.

Shipyard Services

Our Shipyard Services Group is staffed to support your marine construction and repair projects. From specification development through commissioning, we can ensure your schedules and budgets are met.

Vessel Surveys

Are you responsible for inland barges, oceangoing barges, tugs, push boats, bulk carriers, tankers, dredges, support vessels, construction vessels, fishing vessels, or drilling rigs? Sabine can assist you from acquisition through disposal.